This page provides links to the pages of the all the CynTech Companion and/or Performance Boxers who are in wonderful, loving homes. Their links can be seen on other pages throughout this website but I wanted to create a page that has direct links to show off the rest of the CynTech family I am so proud off :-) I hope you enjoy looking at them!

CynTech's Ruffian "Charlee"
Country Time's This Is It "Gage"
CynTech's Seabiscuit "Guinness"
CynTech's Dashin Thru The Snow "Riley"
CynTech's Reflection Of Dash "RJ"
CynTech's Pretty Young Thing "Wee"

Gone But Not Forgotten:

CynTech's Kwanza "Arune"
CynTech's The Butler Did It "Butler"
CynTech's Pink Cadillac "Kadee"
CynTech's Desert Storm "Tank"

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