Thank you for taking the time to fill out CynTech Boxers Perm. Reg'd questionnaire. This questionnaire may seem long but the information I receive from it will help me determine if a dog/puppy from CynTech Boxers Perm. Reg'd is suited to your lifestyle and expectations. Please make sure that you have answered all questions that apply to you honestly and thoroughly. Any incomplete questionnaire will not be considered.

If your browser does not support this form, please copy all questions that apply and send by email to:

Once I have received your completed questionnaire, I will go through it, contact you with any other questions I may have (please note that it may take a few days before I get back to you and I thank you for your patience), and if the questionnaire is completed to my satisfaction, I will place you on my waiting list. Please note that being placed on my waiting list does not guarantee you a dog or puppy.

If I do not have a puppy for you, I will refer you to reputable breeders that may have an upcoming litter.

Personal & Family Information:

Your full name (first/last):
Your email address:
Webpage (if you have one):
Postal/Zip Code:
Home Phone:
Alternative Phone:
Name of Employer:
Do you work full or part time?
Do you have any children living in the home?
If yes please list their ages.
Have the children been raised with a dog or any other pet?
Have you ever owned a Boxer?
For how long?
Do you still have your Boxer?
If no please explain what happened to your Boxer (ie. died, cause of death, given away, placed, lost, stolen, etc.).
Do you currently or previously owned another breed of dog?
If yes please list each breed, the age, if alive or deceased (include cause of death), if spayed, neutered or intact.
Do you own a cat?
If yes how many?
Is the cat (or cats) declawed?
Do you have any other type of pet?
If yes what type of pet?
If you currently have a pet (or pets), is it spayed or neutered?
If no please explain why.

Housing Information:

What type of dwelling do you live in?
If other dwelling please specify.
How long have you lived at current address?
At your current address do you?
If you lease or rent does your agreement allow you to have pets?
If your lease or rental agreement allows pets, are there any restrictions (ie. size of dog, number of pets, etc.)?
What are the restrictions?
Landlord's name (if leasing or renting):
Landlord's phone number (if leasing or renting):
Do you have a fenced yard?
What type of fencing do you have?
Specify your "other" type of fencing:
Specify the height of the fence:
If you don't have a fence how will you exercise your Boxer and how often?
Do you have an outdoor kennel or run?
Do you have a doggy door?

Dog/Puppy Care & Training Info:

In addition to the purchase price of your Boxer and the basic supplies (collar & leash, bedding, crate, dish, etc.), are you financially able to (check all that apply): Enroll in a conformation class (if showing)
Enroll in a basic obedience class
Feed a quality food
Have health testing done (if breeding)
License your Boxer yearly
Pay for show entries (if showing)
Provide proper veterinary care
Spay or neuter your Boxer
Who will be the dog/puppy's primary caregiver?
Will your children be actively involved in the care & training of the dog/puppy?
Where will the dog/puppy be during the day?
Daytime "other":
How many hours during the day will the dog/puppy be alone?
If the dog/puppy will be alone during the day for more than 9 hours please explain why:
Where will the dog/puppy be during the evening?
Evening "other":
How many hours during the evening will the dog/puppy be alone?
If the dog/puppy will be alone during the evening for more than 9 hours please explain why:
Where will your dog/puppy sleep at night?
Nighttime "other":
When you are away on for any length of time (overnight, on vacation, etc.), who will care for the dog/puppy?
Away "other":
Will you crate train your Boxer?
If no, please explain your reason(s) for not crate training:

Other Information:

Why have you chosen the Boxer as the breed for you?
Are you familiar with the breed?
If yes where did you get the information?
Information "other":
Are you aware of the health issues with this breed?
If yes where did you get the information?
Please list the health issues you are aware of.
If you answered no to one or both questions above, would you like to receive info on book(s), magazine(s), etc., to read?
Do you want a dog/puppy out of parents that are fully health tested for the health issues Boxers have?
How important is it that your dog/puppy come from parents who are fully health tested for the health issues Boxers have on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the highest importance)?
Have you or any person in your immediate family ever been charged and/or convicted of cruelty to animals?
If you answered yes please explain why:
Have you ever given up a dog to rescue, a pound or a shelter?
If you answered yes please explain why:
How did you find CynTech Boxers Perm. Reg'd?
Email list or other:

Dog/Puppy Information:

What are you looking for?
If other, please explain.
What sex do you prefer?
Would you consider a different sex if your preference is not available?
What color do you prefer?
Would you consider another color if your preference is not available?
When are you wanting a dog or puppy?
Do you want your Boxer's ears cropped? (ear cropping is an additional expense)
If yes are you willing to learn the proper ear care and how to post the ears even if you have to travel some distance?
If no are you aware that natural ears may need some taping to help them lie correctly?
Our companion/pet dogs/puppies are sold on a spay/neuter contract with us and on non-breeding agreement with the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC). Would this be a problem for you?
If yes please explain why.
What qualities are you specifically looking for in the Boxer dog/puppy you want to bring into your home?
Would you agree to a home check prior to a dog/puppy being placed in your home?
Are you currently on any other waiting list for a dog or puppy?
If yes please list the names of the breeder(s) whose waiting list you are on & for how long.


Name of personal reference (long time friend or family):
Personal reference phone number:
How long have you known your personal reference?
Reference (someone who has known your pets and you as a pet owner such as a handler or neighbor, etc.):
Reference phone number:
How long have you known your reference?

Veterinary Reference:

Name of your veterinary clinic (past or present):
Name of your veterinarian:
Your vet's phone number:
How long have you been a client?

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