Bindy before cropping              Would someone take this thing
          at 10 weeks                             off my head (11 weeks)!

  12 weeks old                                   12 1/2 weeks old

Bindy playing with the squeeky          Three generations asleep on the couch   
  porcupine at 13 weeks                  (left to right: Allie, Bindy & Kahlua)

Bindy (15 wks) napping with                          Allie (4 1/2 yrs) and
   Grandma Kahlua (9 1/2 yrs)                        Bindy (15 wks) sleeping

  Bindy asleep upside down at 15 weeks     Bindy with her carrot at 4 months
                                                                                                          (picture courtesy of Kim Bow of Bowmak Boxers)

Bindy (4 mths) with her buddy Katelyn Bow
(picture courtesy of Kim Bow of Bowmak Boxers)

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